A Struggling Life for My Mother
Et Voleak

I have been far away from my mother in order to earn money. Mom works hard. She has raised the children, and even the grandchildren. Mom does the housework, too. I feel sorry for my mother. I will do anything to study part-time. I don’t have enough time to rest. I struggle in the rain to improve my family situation. It’s difficult for me both physically and emotionally, but I will keep trying. I won’t be discouraged. I want to live happily together and see your smile every day, Mom. What you have given me is my life, body and organs. This is already great! I don’t want anything else. I’m very lucky to be your daughter. I will try to study to improve our life. My tiredness can’t be compared with yours: You have raised me since I was little until I have grown up. Thank you so much, Mom. My love for you will never end.