Worker’s Living Situations
Chin Sambath

Daily living situations of workers are difficult because the monthly income is only $205-$235. The room rental fee is $30-$45, but it is not clean. Moreover, the owner never comes to check the room with broken or lost equipment. This must be repaired on personal expense. Example single room: Rental fee is $20. She lives alone. She is 23 years old. Her salary is $195-$218, of which $45-$50 is sent home. The rest is spent for food and clothes. Example family room: She lives with her family, and she has two children. Her husband is a driver and earns $130-$150 per month while his wife earns $187-$215. The husband is 27 years old, and the wife is 23. The total income is $340-$365. They support their families on both sides with $10-$15 per month. The rest is for food.