Daily Life at the Dormitory
Ye Mon Aung

I’m the second eldest daughter in a family of Kyun Chan Gone, one of the townships in Yangon Region. My father passed away in 2013. My family faced a lot of difficulties since we lost our farms due to natural disasters. In order to afford my sister’s school fees and also our costs of living, I star ted to work at a garment factory in Yangon on December 10, 2010. Our factory provides not only a dormitory but also meals. I have to live with other workers coming from all par ts of Myanmar. I feel disappointed whenever there is bedtime, bath time and at dinner time. Moreover, the curries are the same from Monday to Sunday. This discomfort makes me feel to go back home. I feel like I’m choking. I long for my mother and the family dining table. I want to live with my mother. But I can’t go back. I suppress these feelings and stay at work as usual. I’m afraid to be unable to provide my sister’s school fees, I can’t go back home yet. I have a dream since my childhood. I want to earn my living by sewing, my hobby. Live with my family happily. Staying away from my mother makes me feel sad.